Kit GyftaneOur casting GYFTANE® resins are available in «kits» of various quantities and colours to meet all of your casting needs for your parts. More than one hundred (100) formulations are available with different properties and hardnesses. Our specialized team will bring you the technical support required for your innovations, your small production series and much more.

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  • Gyftane ®
      • Hardness
        Scale Vicat mm : 0 to 30
        Shore A : 0 to 95
        Shore D : 60 to 85
      • Elongation
        As per ASTM D-638, flexible Gyftane ® show results from 10 to 2 400 % elongation as per Gyftane ® E-7050. The rigid family will give from 5 to 185 % elongation as per Gyftane ® D-7638 se.
      • Tensile strength
        As per ASTM D-638, flexible Gyftane ® give, between 18 to 4 000 psi at break as per Gyftane ® E-8370, and the rigid ones goes from 2 300 to 9 500 psi as per Gyftane ® D-93100.
      • Abrasion resistance
        As per ASTM D-4060, the best abrasion resistance of the industry is our flexible Gyftane ® M-6035 with only 9mg of lost.
      • Thermal expansion coefficient (TEC)
      • Compliance with flammability UL-94 standards
      • Compliance with REACH and ROHS regulations
        Compliance Our resins comply with European regulations REACH (Registration, Evaluation,Autorisation and Restriction of Chemicals substances) and RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances)
      • Large selection of colours
      • Formula on demand
        If your project requires some very specific resistance or modification, we will be pleased to assist.
      • New products!